Infographics - Storytelling - UX/UI



Working more or less in an art director capacity, I have delivered the fun in function for over 20 years. I enjoy collaborating and always bring a positive, solution-focused attitude to projects. As a content designer, I’m an ideation machine. As an animator, I'm fast and fluid, capable of delivering “ready-to-hang” content from my one-stop shop. As an interactive designer, I specialize in simple and engaging UI, while balancing numerous, sometimes conflicting, programming needs.

Infographics have become a valuable tool. In our jargon and acronym-heavy world simple visual explanations bridge the communication gap, often across cultural and language borders. And, in step, storytelling, as a framework for sharing information, has been embraced by countless organizations as a way to connect with people. And there's no more obvious connection point these days than online. Effective UX/UI is the wrapper that needs to be present or someone might never get to hear your great story and see your awesome images!

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