Canoofle in action!

Show #152, Mar. 22, '08
80s Prom Night at Mississippi Pizza
Underdog Sports hosted their second annual 80s Prom Night party. Canoofle busted out the drum machines and synths and improvised a whole set of songs that should have been written in the 80s.
Medley: The Ace of Sparts, Dancing in My Vans, My Pants Have 37 Zippers

Show #148, Jan. 25, '08
Glenfair Elementary School
Canoofle is joining the ranks of Young Audiences, an organization that gets the arts into schools. We've developed a program based upon improvised music and have promised not to swear.
The Roaring Lion
A Little Bit of Math

Show #146, Nov. 30, '07
"Now What?" TV show
Archie Washington, a Portland playwrite that Canoofle wrote music for back in 2006, has launched a cable show called "Now What?" Canoofle dropped in on the premiere episode.
Tenderize and Fall
Stand By

Shows #125, Dec '06 and #129, Feb '07
First Thursday Aftermath
This down town and up stairs venue specializes in promoting unique acts. We've shared the bill with Dick, the one-armed guitarist/harmonica/singing machine, several spoken word artists and musicians (both pleasant and hostile), a deaf comedy group, a belly dancing troupe and more!
Sock Monkey

Jan 24, 2007 (#127)
Westside Comedy Club
Weird venue. Weird songs. Laughing improv actors.
Venus, Arizona, a love song

Show #109, March 24, 2006
The Twilight Bar
"Jeez. I would have been terrified playing that club. Kudos on living to tell the tale." - J.P. What looked early on as crowd that would sooner eat their cigarettes than listen to an improv band turned out to be quite receptive. We had numerous requests, guest vocalists and a sneaky guy who brought a clarinet and played along here and there from his booth. It was also the very first time Canoofle performed as a duo. Super fun it was.
Hang Up and Drive

video by Michelle D. Williams, J.T. and others