What does Canoofle play?
An integral part of Canoofle is the uniquness of the instrumentation. This changes with every show to keep the music fresh and us alert. Below is a list of the main instruments we use.

Drum set, Congas, Bongos, Cowbells, Timbales, Wood Blocks, Cymbals, Hand Drums, Tambourines, Shakers, Guiros, A-Go-Go Bells, etc. are always up for grabs by anyone on stage.

We are currently using acoustic or electric bass and guitar, ukulele and a banjo made by Scientologists played as non-bluegrass as possible.

A Casiotone 101 is the main keyboard. It's a four-octave 1981 model with twenty-five different sounds. Few of them sound like what the presets say. We also, rarely, use a Sequential Circuits Pro-One analog synth. Can you say, "Bzzzt"?

Sax, flute, clarinet, recorder and didgeridoo are all played as though it matters, cuz it does!

Reeds with Keys
Melodica. Occasional accordion or harmonica abuse.

Tuned Percussion
A tintinnabulistic glockenspiel serves as a charming accent piece to any musical meal. While three-and-a-half octaves of Deagan marimba is a rare dessert. "Doong!"

Stylophone, duck call, horns, sound effects generator, pocket sampler, recorders, See-N-Says, Tommy Toot, walkie-talkies, whistles, etc.

Acetone Rhythm Ace
Nightclub voodoo that cannot be denied. Long live "Boom Chicka Bap Bap"!

Photos by Patrick Riordan