Immersion Composition Society, Veronica Lodge, Canoofle/Curtis Settino

The Immersion Composition Society (ICS) is a network of composers, organized into independent groups, called lodges. The Veronica Lodge meets monthly in Portland, OR. The purpose is to write more songs. So consider these recordings simply demos. Sometimes we give eachother tasks/challenges or we pull ideas out of a hat. These become "assignments" and are due at the next meeting. Each "day album" is created completely from scratch during a single 24-hour period. You must show up with at least six pieces of music or you have to bring extra snacks.

All music written, performed and recorded by Curtis Settino, except where noted.
Copyright Curtis Settino/Canoofle 2005-12. Published by Scrawkus Music ascap.

WARNING: Some material may be offensively graphic or silly.

Jan 2006

Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas

July 2010
Palindrome from Bill Bryson

Suns Up

May 2011

I'm Smitten

June 2011

99 Percent

Dec 2011
Music "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"