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Curtis Settino

I am seeking creative, collaborative projects where my varied skills and experience will be an asset and where opportunities for learning are an integral part of the work experience.

My skills include project management, content development, art direction, design, illustration, animation, music, sound design, video production, writing, voice over and an ability to think macro and micro at the same time. I also have coordinated freelancers, managed departments and directed talent.

Work History
Freelance Creative Person
1990 to present

Development for various print, interactive and video projects, including Web sites, brochures, business cards, print ads, CDs, posters, t-shirts, magazines, etc.

clients: Dell, Kaiser Permanente,, BlueTech, Pearson Education, Nike, AngelVision Technology, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Tektronix, Fresh Cup Magazine, Metro, TapeOp Magazine and friends!

Lead Interactive Designer
StudyDog Learning Systems, Beaverton, OR
July 2002 to April 2003 in-house/April 2003 to present contract

Content development, writing and art direction for a Flash-based reading program for kids; audio composition, conducting and recording; animation; supervision of freelance illustrators, animators and voice talent

Web Designer/Animator, Portland, OR
June 2000 to March 2001

Content development, design, animation and audio for promotional Web sites

clients: General Mills, Cheerios, Fruit Rollups, Kids WB, FOX Entertainment, Heinz

Art Director
PrintPaks/Mattel, Inc., Portland, OR
April 1998 to September 1999

Art direction, design, animation and audio for CD-ROMs; illustration for printable elements; supervision of internal and freelance illustrators, animators and composers

brands: Barbie, Amelia’s Notebook, Fashion Magic, American Girl

Illustrator/Sound Designer
The HyperMedia Group, Emeryville, CA
June 1995 to February 1997

Animation, illustration and audio for CD-ROMs and diskettes; management of audio department

clients: Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Simon and Schuster

Graphics Manager
Doublet Mfg., San Francisco, CA
October 1991 to December 1994

Graphic design, prepress production, plotting and building of screen printed and vinyl adhesive signs, banners and flags; management of art department; implementation of new technology into workflow systems

PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Director, QuarkXPress, GoLive, CorelDraw, ProTools, FinalCut Pro, Motion

Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, BFA
emphasis: commercial design and illustration

Video production and live television certification from Metro East TV, Gresham, OR