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On June 6, 1993 the first-ever No Pressure, No Talent Talent Show took place. Your hosts, as always, were Michelle D. Williams (who's idea it was) and Curtis Settino.

A collection of past costumes, props, trophies and photos on display at the 10th-ever show.
Photo Toto Vo.


First Place
Second Place
Third Place
No Place
June 6, 1993
Alamo Square flat, San Francisco, CA
Junior High Talent Show
"Hosted by your Algebra and English teachers"
to come
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to come
March 13, 1994
Alamo Square flat, San Francisco, CA
Barn Raising for Bob
"Yes. His barn fell down."
to come
to come
to come
Curtis Settino "Stand Up Comedy"
March 11, 1995
Rockridge house, Oakland, CA
Las Vegas Tryouts
"Vying for the Tom Jones room at the Sands"
Tim Jones and Ingrid "Like a Virgin"
to come
Michelle D. Williams and Carol Sticker "Magic Act"
to come
February 28, 1998
Hawthorne house, Portland OR
New Age Retreat
"Unleashing the Creative Spirit Within Your Inner Child"
Scott Terhune "Partagas the Great"
Colleen Sullivan and Kierstan Lawson "Majorettes in Black"
Micahel Jarmer "Spontaneous Combustion: A Novel" (excerpt)
Neil and Leanne Blatner "Chant Down"
June 5, 1999
Flavel house, Portland, OR
Camp Runamukka
"We're all glad you're parents aren't here."
Curtis Settino "Antique Roadshow"
TIE - Michelle D. Williams, Patrick Riordan and Jane Mackinnon "Beau and the Peeps" AND Octavia Blessing and Lori "Puppet Show"
Rich Powers and Teresa Ulrich "A Frivolous Song"
Vince Kueter "The Egg Act"
February 24, 2001
Jane and Patrick's, Portland, OR
2001, A Talent Odyssey
"Rest and relaxation for all you space cadets"
Greg Nigh "A Story"
Barbara Hanscome and Matt Mimper (w/Jane Mackinnon) "From Berlin: The Post-Industrial Tiny-Toe Teutonic Dancers
Rich Powers, Teresa Ulrich and Hillary Melton "Mac the 2001 Knife"
Lisa Marsicek, Greg and Kelly "Hunter S. Thompson vs. Shirly Temple Bad"
August 24, 2002
Flavel house, Portland, OR
Gray Horizons Tour Company
"Shuffling the Elderly Through Europe Since 1967"
Curtis Settino "Father Charles' Yoga Class"
Jane Mackinnon "Super Feet"
Frank Pullen and Abigail Grush "Dishes"
Vince Kueter "You Are the Show"
February 29, 2004
Cary Ransome's, Portland, OR
Mt. Scott Prison
"Mind the rules or spend an act in The Box!"
David Gilde "Story Time"
Frank Pullen, Abigail Grush and Jason Waugaman "Channel Surfing 'Dress Tease'"
Rich Powers "Born Free"
Lance Christian, Duck, Bruce and Jess Deskow "Orange Blossum Special"
August 27, 2005
Flavel house, Portland, OR
Mt. Scott Zoo
"The World's Only Live/Work Zoo"
Michael Jarmer "Honky Cat"
Joe Patterson and Hillary Melton "Abracapanda"
Rich Powers and Teresa Ulrich "A Message From the Butterfly and Insect Exhibit"
Curtis Settino "Mother Knows Best"
August 25, 2007
Flavel house, Portland, OR
Limbo, Co.
"Get ready for the talent show of a lifetime (yours, actually)!"
Bob Huff "Heaven"
Michael Jarmer and Rene Ormae-Jarmer "Dante with Hand Drum"
Melanie Harmon "Twirler"
John Foxwell "The Lighting Piece with Lost Documentation"
July 25, 2009
Flavel house, Portland, OR
End of the Rock Tour
Eric Smith "Slow Jam Master E"
Dan Miller, Eva Miller and Jane Mackinnon "East Moreland Poetry Society"
Jack Miller "Crack Baby Paté"
Jack Miller "Crack Baby Paté"

(first double winner!)


The "End of the Rock Tour" crowd amasses and munches.

Carol receives the golden star for attending her tenth talent show.
Photo Toto Vo.

A Few Random Talent Show Facts:

A trustworthy third-party always attends the vote counting.

No rules rule. But some people beg to differ.

"The Board" decides the talent show theme.

A ditched theme: "Day Three of the Family Reunion"

Attendence has grown, on average, from 20-plus to 70-plus people.

Carol Sticker is the only person to attend all ten talent shows.

Only one song per musical act. It's a contest not a concert. This is never inforced though.

It's a kid-friendly event. But you might need to have a "talk" after.

Every talent show has been videotaped. A collection is to come...some day.

No injuries have occured. But there have been close calls. (And I'll never live it down - Curtis)