The first version of the Aquaggaswack, built in 1996, only had about 18 pot lids and was narrower (It didn't have the outer sections). This second version, revamped in 1998, has 29 pot lids representing a majority of the notes in an octave, plus some quarter-tones. The center lids have mostly "bell"-like tones and the outer sets have a more "gong"-like tone. All the lids were obtained from thrift stores and friends. At various times both versions of the Aquaggaswack also included a cymbal, jingle bells, a cowbell with clacker and a mine cylinder (that's what the tag said). A variety of mallets, sticks and brushes can be used to produce sound.

The frame is made of galvanized plumbing pipe. The hardware consists of speaker wire, screw-eye-bolts, empty magic marker barrels, furniture foot pads and plastic jewelry. It can be a tad unwieldy fully assembled. But the entire thing breaks down quickly into seven pieces for ease of transport.

The Aquaggaswack appeared in the December 1998 issue of Experimental Musical Instruments.

A "Quagga" is an extinct, zebra-like animal. No relation to this instrument.