Hello Bali
Featuring the Galvanophone, a homemade metalophone.
This recording originated in 1999 for release on "From the Pages of Experimental Musical Instruments, Vol. 14."
Rhino Box 1
Featuring the Rhino Box, a homemade, koto-like stringed instrument.
Weeds and Wildflowers
Featuring the Aquaggaswack, a homemade bell tree made with pot lids.
Ag's Harp
Twelve-Tone Midi music
Earthly Crumb
Quarter-Tone music: 24 notes to the octave
From the Department of Defense: In case of nuclear attack on the United States
Featuring the Aquaggaswack.
Recorded in 1999
11 Mos in PDX
Featuring the Galvanophone
Recorded in the 11th month of 1997, after 11 pm, with 11 parts in 11 time.