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CURTIS Settino

Abstract Narratives
I love abstract art. But I love a good story too. So what I’ve set forth to do is create a body of work that embodies both the vague and the representational. Most of my work contains familiar elements joined together in original ways. I try to pick the moment before the true nature of the scene is revealed. It could go in any direction. Is it optimistic? Is it pessimistic? Is there harmony or is there discord? I like the viewer to make those choices for themselves.

I work intuitively and fairly fast. Though I've worked on some pieces for years–a half-hour at a time. I mostly paint on recycled pieces of wood because they have a lot of built-in character. I like to let the surface direct the composition. Usually, I start by sketching in the shapes with pencil. From there I go to acrylic paint. To wrap up a piece I'll often use ink or more pencil. On some pieces I incorporate collage and/or objects.